Monday, December 27, 2004

No congratulations for Yanukovych from Putin shows that Yushchenko has won

There is humor among Russians it should be remembered and good humor at that. From Obozrevatel:

"The leader of the Russian right parties, Boris Nemtsov, stated in a live interview with 1+1 TV in Ukraine that he considers it a good sign that RF president Putin did not congratulate Yanukovych. It may mean only one thing - that Yushchenko has won. His colleague in Russian politics, Duma deputy and the Rodyna faction, Dmitri Rogozin, stated that he is willing to look down his nose at the Russian spin doctors who supported Yanukovych. 'If Zhirinovksiy supports Yanukovych, I do sympathize with Yanukovych.'"

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Anonymous said...

"Yushchenko has won.."Yes! And, by more than 57% of the vote (if you add back in the "5.2 percent" stolen fraudulent votes.)

My bet... when all the numbers, factors and fraud are finally calculated, is that we'll see that more than 60 percent of Ukraine wanted Yushchenko to win.