Friday, December 24, 2004

Putin on the revolution

Putin really needs to get out of the Kremlin more often. It looks like what amounts to their lockerroom banter is slipping out into his public statements. From the BBC, Polish head rejects Putin attack (via Instapundit):

"Mr Putin criticised the 'revolutions' that have taken place in Georgia and Ukraine - dubbed the 'rose revolution' and the 'orange revolution' respectively - saying that 'they will think of something like blue' next time.

Rose and blue are colours associated in Russia with homosexuality. "

If those around you agree completely with your worldview, everywhere you turn there is complete assent and no disagreement on it whatsoever, it can seem as if the whole world agrees with it too. (The Hollywood problem.) The problem with the Kremlin today is that it is insular in its views and there is complete agreement on them. And that has shown itself most clearly in Putin's reaction to Ukraine.


Anonymous said...

Scott, why didn't you think of the following?

Russian Lawyer Privatizes Earth’s Clouds, Plans to Sue for Property Damage
Created: 24.12.2004 17:01 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 17:01 MSK, 1 hour 2 minutes ago


A Russian lawyer made his contribution to helping the environment when he announced his privatization of all the clouds in the sky this week.

Vladimir Osipov, from the southern Russian town of Yeisk, showed up at his local notary office in the Krasnoyarsk region with a document affirming his ownership of all the clouds in the air over Earth, the Novye Izvestia daily reported.

“As derelict natural resources originating on Earth, not belonging at this point to any government or person, are my property,” he declared in the document, which he is sending out to the governments of 150 countries.

But while privatization is often associated in Russia with shady schemes to make off with as much as possible before the next strongman takes it away from you, Osipov has privatized the clouds with more noble intentions. He will use his property rights to sue anybody who pollutes the atmosphere.

As the rightful owner, Osipov intends to sue anyone for damaging property that belongs to him. He has no intention, however, to trade in precipitation.

(I reprinted the whole story from Mosnews as it is difficult to get stories which become archived)

Anonymous said...

Putin's comments at the Press conference are great esp. when he goes off the script. He becomes his own worst enemy. I say, keep it coming.

As Neeka noted in Neeka's Backlog Putin said " The only thing we are looking to is that those surrounding Mr Yushchenko will not include ones aligning their political ambitions on anti-Russian, on Zionist slogans and so on." With (a slip of the tongue —anti-Semitic) later inserted after the word Zionist.
Funny thing is, I have it to see it reported in the media.

What I did find interesting was Putin said " EurAsEC is an organisation that provides a good basis for integration processes in the former Soviet republics, and has prepared the creation of another structure – the common economic space – something Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and recently Ukraine (however, we should wait and see whether it will retain its plans after the elections) are resolved to promote. " Wow.

Anonymous said...

"Putin really needs to get out of the Kremlin more often."

But Scott, Putin must be practising what he preaches ---as eloquently stated by PM Fradkov "We should follow the president’s orders and before saying something, we must do a bit of thinking,” Fradkov told a Cabinet meeting. “Before beginning a sentence, you have to think about how to end it.” reported in Mosnews Afterall, it is a presidential order.

Scott W. Clark said...

Yeah. That is probably exactly how he sees it and that is the real pity of it.