Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The egg guy

The other day while I was making the rounds of downtown, I passed a guy who had taken an egg carton and some ribbon of some sort—it might even have been paper-- and fashioned it into a sash like a Miss America contestant would wear. In the middle of the carton was a single egg taped in. It looked very crude like something a guy would make and I thought that with this costume he was making some sort of statement that was lost on me.

But a couple of guys saw him and immediately recognized him. They wanted to take his picture and to have their picture taken with him. He looked like some sort of celebrity all out of proportion to anything he could possibly get just from that crude political costume of his. Then it hit me: This is the guy who threw an egg at Yanukovych during one of his campaign stops. (Neeka's explains it here.) Yanukovych dropped as if he had been shot but it was only an egg, free speech artillery of long standing.

They took their pictures of him fists held high in the air.


Anonymous said...

I love Neeka's description of how the riot police laughed when they saw the footage. Her ability to paint pictures with words is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Someone had posted a picture of a poster which showed rows upon rows, of upright eggs sitting in their cartons - with the caption "There are 48 million of us". I love it. The Yanukovych camp is the best source of images (all the valenky, orange, syringe depictions) and campaign posters for the opposition.